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We accept the following payment methods:

Credit/Debit CardsPayPalRazer Gold PINRazer Gold Wallet

We accept most Credit/Debit cards, Electronic Commerce Companies such as PayPal™, and RAZER Gold™, and CreativeBuilding | Network Gift cards, which can be purchased: Click to purchase Gift Cards

(Gift cards are non-refundable, and non-rechargeable.)

Check gift card balance (Scroll to bottom of homepage and input card number)

When you purchase from this store, you will see on your Bank Statement that you were charged by: https://tebex.org at Nottingham, BR. Tebex.org is the company that handles the payments and processing of our store. When you complete a purchase, please take note of the Transaction ID / Invoice ID / Reference ID just in case an issue happens with the purchase. You can also view your payment history here: Click to view payment history

In order to see all your payments, we recommend you use your primary email during the checkout form to make sure there is no confusion. (You will see payments from other stores if you used your email on another store's form that uses the Tebex Webstore service. - All tebex Transaction ID / Invoice ID / Reference ID will be listed on that page. To login, enter the email used in the paywall, and check your email for a link to view all invoices.)

We will not ask for passwords or any personal information. 

We are verified and secured by:


Important: It is important when "logging" in that you enter the correct username. Or else your account won't receive the purchase. Lets say your username is "example" and you put "exmaple" the account exmaple will receive the package instead of example. Its also a good idea to make sure your username is case-sensitive.

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