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We have updated some of our refund policies, as well as revamping the store.

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Information & FAQ

Q: Are my payment methods stored?

A: No, we do not store payment methods or any payment information from you.

Q: What personal information do you store from me?

A: We store your Minecraft username, your purchase, IP address, purchase paid, your email, the full name entered in paywall, Transaction ID, processed commands, applied coupons, and your Minecraft skin and UUID

Q: How long do I need to wait until I receive my perks

A: About 5-10 minutes, 15 at the most. If you still don't receive your items after purchase, contact admin@mc-creativebuilding.net or create a ticket on our discord to get your purchase completed, and verified.

Q: What are global ranks?

A: Global ranks are purchasable ranks that carry between all servers on the network. Regular purchases that aren't listed as "Global" only work for the designated server listed under each category

Important: It is important when "logging" in that you enter the correct username. Or else your account won't receive the purchase. Lets say your username is "example" and you put "exmaple" the account exmaple will receive the package instead of example. Its also a good idea to make sure your username is case-sensitive.


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